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We help our clients in the manufacturing and hospitality industries to achieve a substantial reduction in operating costs. This we do through the establishment of carefully planned and closely monitored water treatment programs which are designed to prevent corrosion/scale and bio-fouling in utilities like boilers, cooling towers, chiller circuits and condensers.

In addition, we also provide equipment, water testing instruments and chemicals to support these programs.

We also design and install potable water treatment plants for industrial and domestic applications.


We undertake the procurement and supply of the best of engineering materials including tools, machine parts and accessories and finished goods for our clients at highly competitive prices and relatively short delivery times.

Our clients’ satisfaction in this regards is evident in the several attestations we have received.


The main focus of our export business arm is on agro-allied products. These include lump wood charcoal, processed cassava flakes, groundnut, cashew nuts, palm produce and gum arabic.

Our very good storage and handling facilities and consistent source from our dedicated farmers keep us in business all year round no matter the weather conditions.


Our civil engineering arm undertakes the construction of residential, commercial and landmark/landscape structures for individuals, corporate bodies and government agencies.

We have the required personnel and equipment to build to the exact specifications with the best quality materials.


We provide specialized support services to the oil and gas industry through the procurement and supply/lease of tools, barges, tug boats and vehicles.

We also market refined petroleum products like Premium Motoring Spirit (PMS), Associated Gas Oil (AGO), Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK) and Low-Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO).

We can boast of the shortest delivery times and best prices always and make deliveries to any location within Lagos and environs.